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Letter 495

Henslow, J. S. to Darwin, C. R.

7 Feb 1839

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    Writes to CD as "Brother Benedick" and sends hearty good wishes for health and happiness in marriage. They are sending a little silver candlestick for a wax taper.



7 Feb. 1839

My dear Brother Benedict,

Whewell assures me that you are certainly twin, though I have seen no account of the important event in the Gazette or elsewhere— I must therefore take it for granted that the Queens Speech or something else has so much occupied the thoughts of all the Printers that they have forgotten you— I need not tell you how heartily I wish you all health & happiness in your new estate—nor I trust assure you that I know no one beyond the circle of my own family in whom I feel a more hearty interest. Should it please God that we & our better halves are to see many days, I hope our friendship will go on increasing & our intercourse be more & more frequent— Mrs H. hopes with myself that you will accept a trifling wedding present for Mrs C. Darwin's table. It is only a little silver candlestick for a wax taper; but the use of it will occasionally remind you of us, if we should never meet again— I don't know how to send it to you, but as I shall be in town in 2 or 3 weeks I can at all events bring it up with me—

With our united heartfelt good wishes to you & Mrs D, believe me ever | My dear Fellow | Yr affectionate friend | J S Henslow

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    f1 495.f1
    ‘A newly married man; esp. an apparently confirmed bachelor who marries. [From the character of that name in Shaks. Much Ado about Nothing.]’ OED.
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