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Letter 4941

Kindt, Hermann to Darwin, C. R.

24 Nov 1865

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    Thanks for the three Erasmus Darwin letters. Two have been returned to Eliza Meteyard. HK has kept the one about the French gentleman for publication [Autographic Mirror 4 (1866) no. 70].


Bampton, Penrith

24. Nov. 1865.

Dear Sir,

I am obliged for your so kindly sending the three letters of Dr.  Darwin, two of which I have already returned to Miss Meteyard. I have kept the one relating to the French gentleman, which seemed to me the most interesting of the three. A long and interesting letter of Mr. Wedgwood (Josiah) appeared in the II. volume of our publication, and I beg, therefore, to thank you for your kind intention. I am glad you like the reproduction of your own handwriting and only regret the two misprints. I do not correct the proofs on account of the great distance, etc.

With best wishes for your health, believe me to remain, | ever your's faithfully | Hermann Kindt

Charles Darwin, M.A. Esq.

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    Kindt refers to CD's grandfather Erasmus Darwin, and to Eliza Meteyard. See letter from Hermann Kindt, 13 November 1865 and n. 2, and letter from Eliza Meteyard, 16 November [1865].
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    The letter from Erasmus Darwin to Josiah Wedgwood I, 27 April 1766, was reproduced in the Autographic Mirror (L'Autograph Cosmopolite) 4 (1866): no. 70. The letter described Darwin's visit from a French nobleman who offered to sell the `secret of making the finest old China as cheep as [Wedgwood's] pots' for £12,000.
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    A facsimile reproduction of a letter from Josiah Wedgwood I appeared in the Autographic Mirror (L'Autograph Cosmopolite). 1 (1864), no. 88--89. The letter, dated 31 January 1790, gave Wedgwood's view of the French Revolution.
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    The biographical sketch of CD appeared on pp. 82--3 of the Autographic Mirror (L'Autograph Cosmopolite) 3 (1865).
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    The Autographic Mirror (L'Autograph Cosmopolite) was published from offices in the Strand, London; in 1865, it was issued weekly.
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