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Letter 4937

Meteyard, Eliza to Darwin, C. R.

17 Nov 1865

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    Returns 19 of the letters CD lent her, so that he can choose one for the Autographic Mirror.


Wildwood | North End | Hampstead. NW.

Nov: 17. 1865

Dear Sir,

I send you nineteen of the letters you so kindly lent me: and hope amongst the number, one may be found suitable for the pages of the Autographic Mirror. If not, and Mrs Darwin will kindly inform me, I will send the rest, although dipping into them for the Wedgwood as I go on.

I heartily apologize for retaining them so long, but I conscientiously feel that no one can reverence them more, or take greater care; and this perhaps makes me take unwarrantable liberties as to time. But your goodness I am sure pardons me. The circumstances under which my book has had to be written has much harrassed me—and with hundreds of pages to copy, and no helping hand—I necessarily take liberty where I can. But as soon as the last page of Wedgwood is off to the printers—and we begin to print though slowly on Dec. 1—I will set to, at once, and make what notes I shall further require for the Life of Thomas Wedgwood—and then return them speedily—with very sincere thanks for your indulgence.

I sincerely hope your health is a little better than it was.

With compliments to Mrs Darwin, I am, | Dear Sir | With grateful respect | your's faithfully | Eliza Meteyard.

C. Darwin Esq.

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    See letter to Eliza Meteyard, 16 November [1865] and n. 2.
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    Emma Darwin.
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    Meteyard refers either to the second volume of her life of Josiah Wedgwood I (Meteyard 1865--6), which was published in September 1866 (Publishers' Circular 1866), or to Meteyard 1871 (see n. 5, below). See also letter from Eliza Meteyard, 25 April 1865.
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    f4 4937.f4
    CD had sent the letters in November 1863 (see Correspondence vol. 11, letter to J. D. Hooker, [22--3 November 1863] and n. 11, and this volume, Supplement, letter to Hurst and Blackett, 15 November [1863]).
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    Meteyard's study of Josiah Wedgwood's son Thomas Wedgwood, and his circle, was published under the title A group of Englishmen (Meteyard 1871).
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