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Letter 4936

Darwin, C. R. to Meteyard, Eliza

16 Nov [1865]

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    Asks her to send some specimens of Dr Erasmus Darwin's handwriting for the Autographic Mirror.


Down Bromley | Kent

Nov. 16

My dear Madam

The Editor of the Autographic Mirror has applied to me for a specimen of the handwriting of Dr Erasmus Darwin & I shd be glad to oblige him. It ought to be a moderately long note signed with his name & if possible possessing some sort of interest or as little dull as possible.

Will you have the kindness to see if you can find such a note among the letters & send it me or even two or three to choose from, & they shall be returned to you if required.

Hoping that you will excuse my giving you this trouble I beg leave to remain | My dear Madam | yours very faithfully | Charles Darwin

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    See letter from Hermann Kindt, 13 November 1865 and n. 2.
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    CD had sent Meteyard letters from his paternal grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, to his maternal grandfather, Josiah Wedgwood I, for use in Meteyard 1865--6 (see letter from Eliza Meteyard, 25 April 1865 and n. 4, and Supplement, letter to Hurst and Blackett, 15 November [1863] and n. 3). The letter from Erasmus Darwin to Josiah Wedgwood I, 27 April 1766, was reproduced in the Autographic Mirror (L'Autograph Cosmopolite); this letter is quoted in Meteyard 1865--6, 1: 436.
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