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Letter 4903

Fox, W. D. to Darwin, C. R.

[before 26 Oct 1865]

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    His second son [C. W. Fox] has a studentship at Christ Church, Oxford.

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    [Isolated fragments only.]


<two pages missing> with you then.

I took my 2d Boy Charles to Oxford last week. I sho<uld> much h<a>ve preferred Cambridge—but a<s> he was fortunate enough to g<a>in a Studentship at Ch<rist> <Chur>ch I had no <    > <half a page missing> <    > think of you, my p<  > <    >, with your sad health, while I <ha>ve a perfectly enjoyabl<e> life— tho my lungs are rather <r>otten

I met a splen<di>d man for a couple of d<ay>s l<ast> week

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    f1 4903.f1
    The date is established by the relationship between this letter and the letter to W. D. Fox, 25--6 October [1865].
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    f2 4903.f2
    Charles Woodd Fox matriculated at Christchurch College, Oxford, on 13 October 1865 (Alum. Oxon.).
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