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Letter 483

Darwin, C. R. to Whewell, William

4 [Jan 1839]

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    Informs him of J. B. Jukes's plans concerning the Newfoundland survey post.


Friday morning 4th

Dear Whewell

I heard from Lonsdale last night that you wished to hear the result of my communication with Mr Jukes.— He informs me that it his intention either to start by the first ship, which leaves (about March?) taking with him the best recommendations he can procure, & then trust to the chance of the Governor employing him,—or to defer the whole scheme for the summer after the next, & thus to wait, until he shall have received an answer to his application I believe the ice does not allow of any communication till the Spring.— On account of the great delay Mr Jukes seemed inclined to the first alternative.

I have communicated all that has been done to Capt. Beaufort, & informed him, you would as President acknowledge the Governor's communication.—

Should you see Henslow, will you thank him from me for his letter & Mrs Henslow for her invitation to Cambridge; I should very much have enjoyed a visit, as there are few places in the world like Cambridge, but I have been so busy house-hunting, preparatory to my marriage state, that I have had no time for any other employment.

Believe me | Most truly yours | Chas. Darwin
12 Upper Gower Stt

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    f1 483.f1
    Jukes adopted this alternative and was appointed geological surveyor of Newfoundland, 1839–40.
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    f2 483.f2
    See letter from J. S. Henslow, 16 December 1838.
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