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Letter 478

Darwin, C. R. to Stokes, Charles

[1839 – Sept 1842]

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    Sends observations he made on Fungia during Beagle voyage. Asks CS to make corrections in style or names of parts as he sees fit.



My dear Stokes

I send you my few observations of Fungia, exactly as I made them, with merely corrections of arrangement & style: my comparisons with Actinia & Caryophyllia were written on the spot.— Pray be so kind as to make any improvements in style or names of parts as you think fit

Believe me | Most truly Yours | C. Darwin
12 Upper Gower St

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    f1 478.f1
    The observations referred to are in CD's manuscript diary of observations on zoology of the places visited during the voyage, DAR 31.2: 345, ‘Tahiti’.
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    f2 478.f2
    CD had consulted Stokes before sailing in the Beagle. In his list of suggestions from various naturalists, CD noted: ‘Humming birds from Juan Fernandez & every thing especially from Gallipago. Mr Stokes’ and ‘Species of Fungias. ascertain from fleshy parts; & propagation: found in shallow water: Mr Stokes.—’ (DAR 29.3: 78). No descriptions of CD's Fungia specimens have been found.
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