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Letter 477

Darwin, C. R. to Shillinglaw, J. & Royal Geographical Society

[1839 – May 1842]

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    Asks for volumes of F. W. Beechey's work [Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Bering Strait (1831)] and Nautical magazine and an order on [John] Arrowsmith for atlas of Dumont d'Urville's Voyage in the "Astrolabe".


12. U. G. St


My dear Sir

Will you please give the Bearer the 1st vol of Beechey & 2d of Naut. Mag.— Also an order on Arrowsmith for the Atlas of Dumont Durville's voyage in the Astrolabe.— My servant did call at Arrowsmith, but brought only the Atlas of the voyage of Duperrey in the Coquille.— I want both.—

Yours very faithfully | Charles Darwin

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    f1 477.f1
    The date range is based on CD's residence in Gower Street and the publication of Coral reefs.
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    f2 477.f2
    Beechey 1831. CD later acquired his own copy, which is preserved in Darwin Library–CUL. His notes and markings indicate that they were made while he was at work on Coral reefs.
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    f3 477.f3
    The second volume of The Nautical Magazine (1833) contains much information that would have been of interest to CD: FitzRoy on the Abrolhos, notice of new charts of the east coast of South America, a paper on Falkland Island birds, etc.
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    f4 477.f4
    John Arrowsmith.
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    f5 477.f5
    Dumont d'Urville, ed. 1830–5.
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    f6 477.f6
    Duperrey 1825–30.
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