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Letter 4718

Oliver, Daniel to Darwin, C. R.

16 Dec 1864

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    Sends addresses of Planchon, Hofmeister, and Schleiden.

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    Hermann Crüger left no widow.


Royal Gardens Kew 16. Decr./64 My dear Sir

Dr. J. E. Planchon Montpellier.

Prof. W. Hofmeister. Heidelberg.

Prof. M. J. Schleiden Dorpat.

As I have yr. papers (most admirable & wonderful papers) in my numbers of the Linnean Proc. I do not require them for my own use, but if occasion turn up I shall not scruple to ask you for a spare copy. Dr. Crüger did not I feel pretty sure leave a widow. He was an intimate friend of Mr. G. P. Wall—a near relative of my wife's—who carried out the Geologl. Survey of Trinidad a few years ago. He (Wall) admired Crüger greatly & is warm always in his praise. I fancy he left a brother in Germany (?). I have so much systematic work (which—with the dissections it requires) interests me much, especy. in connection with the proposed Flora of Tropical Africa,—that I have little time for any other branch of Botany.

Very sincerely yours | Danl. Oliver

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    f1 4718.f1
    Jules Emile Planchon, Wilhelm Hofmeister, and Matthias Jacob Schleiden. See letter to Daniel Oliver, 15 December [1864].
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    f2 4718.f2
    See letter to Daniel Oliver, 15 December [1864] and n. 4.
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    f3 4718.f3
    Hermann Crüger. See letter to Daniel Oliver, 15 December [1864] and n. 6.
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    f4 4718.f4
    George Parkes Wall completed his work as director of the Geological Survey of Trinidad in 1860 (see Wall and Sawkins 1860).
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    f5 4718.f5
    Crüger's obituary, published in Botanische Zeitung 22 (1864): 119--20, mentions a brother, but does not mention whether Crüger was married. The brother has not been further identified.
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    f6 4718.f6
    The first volume of Flora of tropical Africa appeared in 1868 (Oliver 1868--77).
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