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Letter 459

Darwin, C. R. to Sedgwick, Adam

21 [Dec 1838]

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    CD informs AS of the position of the Council of the Geological Society on recommending J. B. Jukes for a geological survey of Newfoundland. Feels Jukes's application would have best chance of success if Sedgwick, his Professor at Cambridge, wrote a letter.


My dear Sedgwick

I talked to several members of the Council on Wednesday, about Mr Jukes' appointment, & all seemed to think it would be a very good thing if he has the zeal & courage to go.— You probably may not be aware that he addressed a letter to me (as Secret. of the Soc.), applying to the Council to recommend him to the Governor of Newfoundland.— After deliberation, the Council agreed that it could not, as a body, take such a recommendation on itself, & accordingly I was directed to write to Mr Jukes to this effect, & at the same time to express the wish of the Council, that his application might be successful.— At the suggestion of some present, I told him the best recommendation he could send to the Governor, would be from you, (if you were so disposed), as being the Professor at Cambridge.— And it was in consequence of this, I presume, that Mr Jukes wrote to you.— If he intends going I shall be most happy to assist him, with any suggestions or advice which might occur to me, or in any other way.— Mr Whewell, moreover, said he should be ready, to give him a recommendation to the Governor, as he was acquainted with Mr Jukes, when at Cambridge.— Mr Greenough said his knowledge of him, was too slight for this, but nevertheless he seemed to think him a very proper person.— I shall be happy to do anything, you may wish to further such an undertaking, and I feel the more bound to do so, as I in similar circumstances, received much assistance, from Many.—

Believe me | Most truly yours— | Chas. Darwin
36 Grt. Marlbro' Str

Friday 21st

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