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Letter 4464

Darwin, C. R. to Brown, D. J.

18 Apr 1864

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    Discusses DJB's MS concerning the origin of species.


Down. | Bromley. | Kent. S.E.

Ap 18. 1864

Dear Sir

I am much obliged by your letter which has pleased me much, & for your M.S. which has been read aloud to me. I am still weak from illness & must therefore be brief. Your paper seems to me very well done. Many parts are striking & original. I wish it were in my power to aid in its publication, but I have no connection with any Editors, & all the Journals have so often discussed the Origin of Species'' that I do not believe any of them wd insert any other paper on the subject.

Permit me to add that I cordially honour men who like yourself have to spend much time in labour, yet whose minds have so much vigour & elasticity as to acquire extended knowledge & follow out original trains of thought.

With sincere respect | Dear Sir | I remain yours faithfully | Charles Darwin

The M.S. will be returned by this post.

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    The letter from Brown and the manuscript have not been found; however, see the letter to J. D. Hooker, 19 [April 1864] and n. 6. See also n. 3, below.
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    CD's `Journal' for 1864 has the entry: `Ill all Jan. Feb: March, Last sickness April 13th.' (see Correspondence vol. 12, Appendix II). See also letter to J. D. Hooker, 13 April [1864] and nn. 5 and 6. Only the valediction and signature of the letter are in CD's hand.
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    Although several papers published by Brown from 1865 to 1874 are listed in the Royal Society catalogue of scientific papers, none is on Origin.
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    Brown's occupation was given as baker in the List of the Edinburgh Geological Society.
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