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Letter 446

Williams, S. H. M. to Darwin, C. R.

[27 Nov 1838]

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    Invites CD to dine with them on Wednesday, since she will have few more opportunities of seeing "the original old Charles Darwin".



My dear Charles

If you are not philosophically or sentimentally engaged tomorrow, I do wish you would come & dine with us, at half past six, pray remember I shall now have few more opportunities of seeing you as the original old Charles Darwin, for though Gentlemen do not change their names when they marry, I am sure their natures very materially alter, & I cannot think that any change in you would be for the better— “Heavens & Earth,” Catherine would exclaim, “what next”—but this is no compliment, & I shall continue to think so, even if Mrs Charles Darwin (that is to be) should be jealous—

When you had left me the other morning, I felt that I had not half congratulated you enough or told you how very sincerely I wished you every happiness—but as Children say “I thought the more”, & so I will convince you if you will dine with us tomorrow.

Always yours most truly. S. H. H. W.

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