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Letter 4391

Boott, Mary to Darwin, C. R.

18 Jan 1864

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    On his deathbed her husband [Francis] expressed admiration for CD.


Jany. 18th 1864

Dear Mr. Darwin

I had not intended so long a time should have elapsed since sorrow came upon me, without sending you the message my revered husband did, not more than two days before he died & when he called me to his bed side & said, ``Mary, I wish if you have the opportunity you will let Mr Darwin know that I die as I have lived, with the profoundest admiration of his genius, & with the deepest respect for him as the man: he & Dr. Joseph Hooker are the only two individuals I ever class together for their rare qualities, & for a modesty & unaffected simplicity in unison with their high caracteristics''.. These words, my dear sir were uttered by one who knew not how to flatter, & who you will forgive his poor wife for saying was worthy the deep love & respect of those his few dying words thus eulogised

Will you present me very gratefully to Mrs. Darwin for her kind note, & say that this would have been to her rather than yourself, had I not felt I had a sacred trust to perform in sending directly to yourself the few words I have done—

I am | dear Sir | Yours with much respect | Mary Boott

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    Mary Boott's husband, Francis Boott, died of a lung disease on 25 December 1863 (DNB).
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    Joseph Dalton Hooker.
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    CD referred to Emma Darwin's note in his letter to J. D. Hooker of [10 and 12 January 1864].
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    See letter to J. D. Hooker, [10 and 12 January 1864] and n. 5, and letter from J. D. Hooker, [23 November 1864] and n. 14.
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