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Letter 4366

Oliver, Daniel to Darwin, C. R.

[after 20 July 1863]

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    Gives a reference to a paper.


In connection with Hildebrand's paper—may be consulted also Duchartre, Sur un cas de grossissement, sans f´econdation, des ovules de Cycas revoluta. Bull. Soc. Bot. ix. 531.

The pollen of a Ceratozamia was placed upon the ovules.—

D. O.


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    The date is established by the relationship between this letter, the letter to Daniel Oliver, 18 July [1863], and the letter from Daniel Oliver, 20 July 1863.
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    Hildebrand 1863b. See letter to Daniel Oliver, 18 July [1863].
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    Duchartre 1862 described the enlargement of ovules under the influence of pollen, apparently without being fertilised. Similar observations were detailed in Hildebrand 1863b.
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