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Letter 434

Wedgwood, Emma (Darwin, Emma) to Darwin, E. C.

[13 Nov 1838]

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    Hopes the Darwins in Shrewsbury will help her convince CD that he must not hurry their marriage too greatly. Sarah Elizabeth Wedgwood [II] adds a postscript to the same effect.




My dear Catty

Since Charles went I have been rather afraid of his being in too great a hurry so I hope you will all hold him in a little especially the Dr I find Elizabeth would be very sorry if it was to happen very soon & that makes me wish more that things may not go too fast.

She forgets herself so much that I should like her to have her wish. besides which I should wish it myself. I don't mean to insinuate that Charles would not mind what I say but if you all thought it could happen in no time as it were it would make me appear cross & disagreeable on Saturday when I mean to be particularly happy. We kept thinking of you yesterday evening & hoping your arrival made a great sensation, but I shall hear all about it in a day or two I am happy to think. I had such a charming note from Caroline yesterday & Eliz. & I are going to see her today which I am very impatient to do. My dear Catty I get happier & happier every hour. I long to see my dear Susan. She must come over some day. Would not she come on Saturday & go back with Caroline which wd be an opportunity I should be so glad if she would.

Goodbye my dearest. I am so glad you were hear. I had a very nice little walk to Black Brook. | Yours affectly Em W.

You can keep this to yourself or not as you think best

Tell Charles to be a good boy & do his lessons & take things leisurely, indeed they cant be very fast.

How I do wish he would, & wait till Spring & fine weather! F. A. says it is the happiest time of Emma's life & it is a thousand pities it should be a very short one— Do dear Catty clog the wheels a little

S E W.

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    f1 434.f1
    Probably Frances (Fanny) Allen, aunt of Elizabeth and Emma Wedgwood.
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