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Letter 4311

Agassiz, J. L. R. to Darwin, C. R.

29 Sept 1863

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    Introduces J. P. Lesley, "the most accomplished geologist of the United States".


Cambridge, [Massachusetts]

Sept. 29, 1863

My dear Sir,

Allow me to introduce to you Mr. J. P. Lesley, the most accomplished <g>eologist of the United States & to take this opportunity to express to you my kindest regards.

Very truly yours | Ls Agassiz

Charles Darwin Esq.

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    J. Peter Lesley was professor of mining at the University of Pennsylvania. In October 1863 he began a three-month visit to Europe on behalf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, in order to study methods of hardening the surface of rails (Ames ed. 1909, 1: 436). Lesley reported having met CD at Charles Lyell's house in London on 21 October 1863, describing him as `a gentle shy person of 55+ years of age' (ibid. 1: 447). However, Emma Darwin's diary (DAR 242) makes no reference to CD's having gone to London on that date, and records that he had a `bad day' with `sickness'.
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