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Letter 4260F

Darwin, H. E. to Darwin, C. R.

[1 Aug 1863]

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    A memorandum describing the expressive behaviour of a cat with added notes by CD.


A young cat of about the age of 10 months when put upon a soft cloak or gown used to take a piece in her mouth & then pound with her claws out & purr.

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    The date is established by CD's annotations to the letter.
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    Henrietta made a series of observations on behaviour in cats; there is a memorandum in DAR 189: 7, annotated 28 March 1862, in which Henrietta recorded her observations on the cries of cats and their meaning.
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    CD evidently preserved these observations for use in Expression, pp. 126--9. Expression was published by John Murray in 1872.
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