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Letter 414

Sedgwick, Adam to Geological Society of London

[after 15 May 1838]

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    Referee report on CD's "Volcanic phenomena in South America" [Collected papers 1: 53–86]. Deductions incontrovertible, but theoretical remarks not clearly stated.


To the President of the Geological Society.—

I have read Mr Darwin's paper and think that it ought to be printed. If possible, the early, or historical part, should be made shorter. The concluding or theoretical part is not all clearly brought out, & might be reconsidered by the author with some advantage: Not with any view of altering his theoretical opinions (for he only is responsible for them) but for the purpose of making them more definite & unequivocal— The main facts on which the paper hinges & the immediate deductions deduced from them appear incontrovertible.

A Sedgwick—

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    See letter to William Lonsdale, [15 May 1838], n. 1.
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