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Letter 412

Darwin, C. R. to Lonsdale, William

[15 May 1838]

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    Returns his paper for publication ["Volcanic phenomena in South America" (1840), Collected papers 1: 53–86].


My dear Lonsdale

I return my paper.— I have put a few pencil notes on the margin, which will explain to the referee, how much I intend modifying certain portions.— The whole I find requires a good deal of clarifying & polishing.

I returned from Cambridge last night.— I found Sedgwick very well & in high spirits, & therefore the sooner my paper goes to him the better.—

I have been looking over parts of Hopkin's paper. I find in the latter part he refers to the diagram (No. 1. of mine) as a really possible section of a mountain chain, which, after what you pointed out to me, appears to me, clearly to be an inaccuracy on his part, although not of essential consequence. I shall get myself into a dilemma, with these sections, if I do not take good care.

I wish it was not too late to modify the title <of> the paper, as I have put it in pencil but that, I suppose, is altogether impossible.—

Yours most truly | Chas. Darwin
Tuesday Morning

36 Grt. Marlbro' Stt

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    f1 412.f1
    ‘On the connexion of certain volcanic phænomena’, read 7 March 1838 (Proceedings of the Geological Society 2 (1833–8): 654–60). The revised version, as published in the Transactions 5 (1840): 601–31, is reprinted in Collected papers 1: 53–86.
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    f2 412.f2
    Hopkins 1835.
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    f3 412.f3
    Ibid., p. 41; reproduced in ‘On the connexion of certain volcanic phenomena’, Collected papers 1: 77. CD cites both Hopkins 1835 and Hopkins 1836 in support of his own thesis that ‘mountain-chains are formed by a long succession of small movements’ (Collected papers 1: 73–8).
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    f4 412.f4
    The title was changed. In the Proceedings of the Geological Society it reads ‘On the connexion of certain volcanic phænomena, and on the formation of mountain-chains and volcanos, as the effects of continental elevations’. In the Transactions the paper is entitled ‘On the connexion of certain volcanic phenomena in South America; and on the formation of mountain chains and volcanos, as the effect of the same power by which continents are elevated’.
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