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Letter 408

Horner, Leonard to Darwin, C. R.

7 Apr [1838]

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    Postpones meeting with CD because he must attend House of Commons for Factory Amendment Act.


My Dear Darwin

I learned yesterday that the Factory Amendment Act is to be brought into the House of Commons by the Govt on Monday, and it is material that I should be in the house. This obliges me to postpone the pleasure of your company, but I hope Wednesday will suit you equally well for the same kind of visit.

Yours faithfully | Leonard Horner

2. Bedford Place
7 April

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    f1 408.f1
    Ralph Colp has established the date of this note by relating it to a petition ‘for alteration of the Factory Act’ discussed on Monday, 9 April 1838, in the House of Commons (Hansard Parliamentary Debates, 3d ser. 42 (1838): 479; Colp 1980, p. 13 n. 27). Horner was one of the chief inspectors under the Act (DNB).
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    f2 408.f2
    CD used the remaining three pages of this letter for one of his ‘Notes on marriage’ (see Correspondence vol. 2, Appendix IV).
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