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Letter 4029

Lubbock, John to Darwin, C. R.

6 Mar 1863

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    Thanks CD for his review [of H. W. Bates's paper on mimetic butterflies, Collected papers 2: 87–92].

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    Is glad Hooker approved of his [JL's] lecture.


15, Lombard Street. E.C.

6 Mch./63

My dear Mr. Darwin

I have forwarded your proofs to Williams & Norgate & am very much obliged to you for the article which is just the thing for us.

I was very sorry to hear that you were so unwell & much disappointed too on my own account. Will you please thank Mrs. Darwin for sending me report of your health & also for the extract from Hooker's letter.

One would always be glad of his approval, but I was the more so having rather feared that I made a mess of the lecture.

I do hope you will soon be right again.

Yours affecly | John Lubbock

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    The reference is to CD's review of Bates 1861 (`Review of Bates on mimetic butterflies'), the manuscript of which CD had sent to Lubbock, one of the editors of the Natural History Review (see letter to John Lubbock, 4 January [1863]). The review appeared in the April 1863 number of the Natural History Review, which was published by Williams & Norgate.
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    Emma Darwin's letter to Lubbock has not been found. Lubbock had intended to dine at Down House on 2 March 1863 (see letter from John Lubbock, 28 February 1863), but according to Emma's diary (DAR 242), CD became ill during the last week of February. CD dictated to Emma Joseph Dalton Hooker's favourable comments concerning Lubbock's lecture at the Royal Institution on 27 February 1863 (see letter from J. D. Hooker, [1 March 1863], and letter to J. D. Hooker, 5 March [1863]).
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