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Letter 395

Darwin, C. R. to Owen, Richard

28 [Dec 1837]

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    Sends perfect revise of "Toxodon" [Fossil Mammalia] which he has read and marked.



Dear Owen

As my servant is passing your way, I send a perfect revise of Toxodon. I have read it over, & marked the very few errata which caught my eye, which may help you in your final revision.—

I hope with all my heart you will return quite comfortable, and you must not work so hard, as usual, for some time.—

Yours most truly | Chas. Darwin.

Thursday 28th

36 Grt Marlbro' St.—

NB. I altered the 12,000. toises into 12,00 toises which I suspect is right, though it did not occur to me, when I first read it over.— Perhaps you had better just refer to Cuvier—

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    f1 395.f1
    The only Thursday 28th in 1837 on which CD was in London was in December. The Toxodon description was published in February 1838.
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    f2 395.f2
    A French linear measure of 6.925 lineal feet. The reference occurs in Owen's general introduction to Fossil Mammalia, p. 13. It is printed as 1200 toises, the height at which Humboldt found the bones of a species of Mastodon described by Cuvier.
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    f3 395.f3
    Cuvier 1812.
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