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Letter 3890

Hooker, J. D. to Darwin, C. R.

[31 Dec 1862]

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    JDH's impression on meeting [J. A.] Froud[e].

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    CD's projected three volume work.

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    Complains at poor state of some [unspecified] plant collection.




Dr Darwin

It is rather jolly this writing about matters non-scientific— let's give up Science when you have done the 3 vols & take to gossip. I quite agree with you that a holiday is an unendurable bore, but depend on it that is because we have no vices to indulge in, & if you will only join me in some good vice, such as talking about & writing about what will do no good to our neighbours & some harm to ourselves—we shall get on capitally, & scratch away. As luck would have it—I put aside the Ducal critique for a more careful reading with the Article itself.— I read the article itself, & in turn forgot I had put aside the smasher, which by a curious coincidence I stumbled upon yesterday, the day you wrote to me! so here it is. I congratulate you on so clever logical & acute a relative— Have I not met him at Down? many years ago.

I saw Mr Froud yesterday for first time at my Cousins wedding— what a singularly magnetic man he is to look at & talk (2 words) to; I think Frank P. has married a nice girl of a nice family.

I have a great mind to send the Parthenon a s<creed> —The only 7 times I ap<plied> for information at b<ritish museum> I got none whatever <and on one> occasion the attendant could not find the Natural Order Cruciferæ!— The last time I went I found the invaluable plants of Loureiro, the only authentic scraps for identifying genera which it is impossible to make out by descriptions, in such a state of dirt, disorder & confusion that I came away determining never to try there again.

Ever Yrs affec | J D Hooker

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    f1 3890.f1
    Dated by the relationship to the letter to J. D. Hooker, 29 [December 1862] (see nn. 3 and 4, below), and by the reference to the wedding of Hooker's cousin, Francis Turner Palgrave (see n. 6).
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    f2 3890.f2
    Variation was intended to be the first part of a three-volume work on natural selection (see Correspondence vol. 7, letter to T. H. Huxley, 16 December [1859], and Correspondence vol. 8, letter to Asa Gray, 28 January [1860]).
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    f3 3890.f3
    See letter to J. D. Hooker, 29 [December 1862].
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    f4 3890.f4
    See letter to J. D. Hooker, 29 [December 1862] and n. 5. Hooker refers to a critique of George Douglas Campbell's review of Orchids ([G. D. Campbell] 1862), published in the Saturday Review by CD's nephew, Henry Parker ([Parker] 1862). CD had sent Hooker his copy of the critique before realising its authorship.
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    f5 3890.f5
    James Anthony Froude.
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    f6 3890.f6
    Hooker refers to the marriage of his cousin, F. T. Palgrave, to Cecil Grenville Milnes Gaskell on 30 December 1862 (see Gentleman's Magazine n.s. 14 (1863): 231).
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    f7 3890.f7
    Hooker refers to a review, published in the Parthenon, 27 December 1862, pp. 1102--3, of part 1 of Bentham and Hooker 1862--83 (see letter to J. D. Hooker, 29 [December 1862]). The reviewer criticised the authors for having neglected the materials in the British Museum.
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    f8 3890.f8
    The reference is to João de Louriero, whose herbarium had been acquired by the British Museum (Taxonomic literature).
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