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Letter 3867

Lubbock, John to Darwin, C. R.

18 Dec 1862

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    Thanks CD for agreeing to review Bates's paper for Natural History Review.


15, Lombard Street. E.C.

18 Dec 62

Dear Mr. Darwin

Hurrah, you are a brick & I shall read your article with the greatest interest.

My lecture is to be on the ``Pfahlbauten''.

Yrs. affec | John Lubbock

C Darwin Esqr

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    See letter from John Lubbock, 15 December 1862, and letter to John Lubbock, 16 [December 1862].
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    Lubbock refers to his lecture at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on the ancient lake-habitations of Switzerland (Lubbock 1863c): the dwellings (`Pfahlbauten') were built on stilts or piles (`Pfahl').
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