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Letter 386

FitzRoy, Robert to Darwin, C. R.

15 Nov 1837

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    RF declines to give an opinion on the wording of the preface to CD's volume [Journal and remarks, vol. 3 of Narrative, published separately as Journal of researches] and refers him to a disinterested third party.


Captain FitzRoy presents his compliments to Mr Darwin and in answer to the note (dated Monday) received yesterday evening—Captain FitzRoy begs to say that he has spoken to Captain Beaufort—to Sir Edward Parry —and others—and is recommended to refer Mr Darwin to the opinion of some third person whose personal feelings are not involved.

Captain FitzRoy therefore begs to decline giving any opinion—at present—upon the wording of a preface to Mr Darwin's Work —and will only venture to remark that there were obliging—disinterested—and kind-hearted officers on board the Beagle.—

Chester Street. 31.
15th Novr 1837

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    Sir William Edward Parry.
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    The reference is either to Journal and remarks, volume three of Narrative, which CD had finished proofreading in November, or the first number of Fossil Mammalia, Zoology Part 1, due to appear in January 1838. FitzRoy's letter of 16 November 1837 contains references to both works and CD's note may well have contained the text of a general acknowledgment to be used in both prefaces. The preface that FitzRoy saw has not been found; his letter to CD on 16 November 1837, however, makes clear what offended him.
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