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Letter 3859

Darwin, E. A. to Darwin, C. R.

14 Dec [1862]

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    Describes a box which has come for CD.

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    Asks for John Price's address.


Dec 14

There is a mysterious box come for you, marked Glass but with a kind of gridiron lid as if it had something alive inside—size a thin quarto. I have no doubt you have received Prices circulars but I enclose one. I quite forget his address which I shall be obliged for


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    f1 3859.f1
    The year is conjectured from the reference to a package delivered to Erasmus's house and from the reference to the circulars for Price 1863--4 (see nn. 2 and 3, below).
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    f2 3859.f2
    The reference is probably to the piece of `partially completed artificial comb' that CD had directed Thomas White Woodbury to send to his brother Erasmus's address (see letter to T. W. Woodbury, 7 December [1862] and n. 5).
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    f3 3859.f3
    The reference is probably to John Price, who had been a contemporary of Erasmus's and CD's at Shrewsbury School. Price's twelve-part miscellaneous work, Old Price's remains (Price 1863--4), was published between April 1863 and March 1864; CD's copy is in the Darwin Library--CUL. Price lived at 38 Watergate Street, Chester (Price 1863--4; see also CD's Address book (Down House MS)).
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