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Letter 3772

Darwin, C. R. to Suchsland, F. E.

[after 19 Jan 1863]

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    Returns book by Friedrich Rolle. Author has sent copies.



Dear Sir

you have sent me, apparently by mistake Dr. Rolle's Book, which I return by this post.— The Author has sent me copies …

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    Suchsland was head of the publishing firm Johann Christian Hermann'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, based in Frankfurt-am-Main, which published Rolle 1863 and 1866 (see n. 3, below).
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    The date is established by reference to the publication date of the last two parts of Rolle 1863; the earlier instalments were published in 1862 (see n. 3, below).
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    Suchsland sent CD copies of two books by Friedrich Rolle (Rolle 1863 and 1866) before 16 March 1866 (see letter from Rudolf Suchsland, 16 March 1866, Calendar no. 5035). Rolle himself had sent CD a copy of Rolle 1863, but only the first part of Rolle 1866; Suchsland sent the remaining parts (see letters from Friedrich Rolle, 26 January 1863 and 28 January 1866 (Calendar no. 4986)). The publication of the parts of Rolle 1863 was announced on 8 September 1862, 27 October 1862, and 19 January 1863 (B¨orsenblatt f¨ur den Deutschen Buchhandel 29 (1862): 1862, 2258; 30 (1863): 113), and CD mentioned them in his letters to Rolle of 17 October [1862] (Correspondence vol. 10) and 30 January [1863]. There is a lightly annotated copy of Rolle 1863 in the Darwin Pamphlet Collection--CUL.
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    According to the catalogue description, the original autograph letter consists of one page.
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