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Letter 370

Darwin, C. R. to Lonsdale, William

3 Aug [1837]

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    Asks to withdraw abstract of his paper on coral formations ["Elevation and subsidence in the Pacific" (1838), Collected papers 1: 46–9].


Dear Sir

Not being aware of one of the rules of the Society, I omitted to ask, during the last Council day, permission to withdraw the abstract which I read on my views concerning coral Formations. Being engaged in drawing up an account of the Voyage of the Beagle with Capt. FitzRoy, who wishes the principal results to be given, I am now very anxious to make this request to the Council

Dear Sir | Yours very truly | Charles Darwin
August 3d
then 36 Grt. Marlbro' St.—

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    Read 31 May 1837. A summary was nevertheless published in the Proceedings of the Geological Society 2 (1833–8): 552–4 (Collected papers 1: 46–9). See letter to William Lonsdale, [November 1837].
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