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Letter 3694

Wallace, A. R. to Darwin, C. R.

[21 Aug – 28 Sept 1862]

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    Would be pleased to have third edition of Origin.

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    Is unwell and dreads the winter.


<half a page excised>

I have only the 1st. Edition of the ``Origin''— I suppose the one you kindly sent to Singapore must have reached after I left & they did not think it worth while to return it. I should be much pleased to have the 3rd. Edn.

I have never considered the Ostriches to have any real connection with Mammals, & should imagine <half a page excised> difficult <3 words excised> of anomalous semiaquatic animals which should easily admit of modification into these three forms.—

I find myself very delicate & dread the winter, as I have been suffering here from inflamation of the pleura, & bad cough through a little exposure to night air.

I remain | My dear Mr Darwin | Yours very faithfully | Alfred R. Wallace

C. Darwin Esq.

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    f1 3694.f1
    Dated by the relationship to the letter to A. R. Wallace, 20 August [1862]. See also n. 3, below.
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    f2 3694.f2
    Wallace had returned to Britain in the spring of 1862, having been on a collecting expedition in the Malay Archipelago since 1854 (Wallace 1905). His name appears on CD's list of presentation copies for Origin (see Correspondence vol. 8, Appendix III).
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    f3 3694.f3
    Wallace acknowledged receipt of a copy of the third edition of Origin in his letter to CD of 30 September 1862.
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    f4 3694.f4
    See letter to A. R. Wallace, 20 August [1862].
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