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Letter 369

Darwin, C. R. to Shoberl, William

2 Aug [1837]

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    Asks WS to write to his friend to make his corrections [in CD's MS of Journal of researches] in ink.

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    Capt. FitzRoy agrees with the propriety of beginning to print [CD's volume separately] at once.


Dear Sir

I should be much obliged if you would take the trouble to write to your friend, and ask him if he would excuse my capriciousness & continue to make the alterations in ink; for they are so few & so good, that it is a mere loss of time of my part to go over them with ink.—

Perhaps it would be better if he thinks a whole sentence or a few lines are better left out, to use the pencil, as it catches my eye, sooner, and there are some remarks, which I should be sorry to be omitted & the meaning of which possibly would not be perceived excepting by a Naturalist.

If you forwarded this note, it would save you the trouble of writing.—

Truly yours— | Chas. Darwin
August 2d

I saw Capt FitzRoy, who agrees with the propriety of beginning to print at once.— I shall send you my MSS, either this evening or tomorrow morning, but I must converse with you about some points.

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    f1 369.f1
    Assistant to Henry Colburn, publisher of the Narrative.
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    f2 369.f2
    Alterations to CD's manuscript of Journal and remarks.
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