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Letter 3604

Bates, H. W. to Darwin, C. R.

14 June 1862

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    Sends answer to Wedgwood's query

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    and is sorry to hear CD is again unwell.

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    His book is progressing very slowly.

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    Asks that CD not make use of any of the facts about generative organs in beetles for he finds "such a chaos of statements" that facts are not to be depended upon.


King St Leicester

14 June 1862

My Dear Mr Darwin

Adjoined is a sort of answer to Mr Wedgwood's query & I shall be glad if it prove of any use. I am truly sorry to hear of your being again more unwell than usual: but this under the circumstances of the interruption to your work which it causes, is a national concern.

My book ``progresses'' it is true, but slowly. How thoroughly ashamed I am to have bragged to you how quickly I could write it. I am at it every day as many hours as I can stand; but what takes me one day to write, takes 5 to alter.

Please do not make use of the facts about generative organs in beetles which I gave you. Conversing in London again with those gentlemen I find such a chaos of statements that the facts are not to be depended upon—

Yours sincerely | H W Bates

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    f1 3604.f1
    See letter to H. W. Bates, 11 June [1862] and n. 2. The enclosure has not been found.
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    f2 3604.f2
    Bates 1863.
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    f3 3604.f3
    No letter from Bates containing such a claim has been found. However, when CD wrote to John Murray asking whether he would be interested in publishing Bates's travel narrative, he emphasised that Bates wished `to publish soon' (see letter to John Murray, 28 January [1862]).
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    f4 3604.f4
    See letter from H. W. Bates, 19 May 1862.
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