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Letter 3573

Jenyns, Leonard to Darwin, C. R.

28 May 1862

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    Pleased with CD's opinion of the Henslow Memoir [L. Jenyns, Memoir of the Rev. John Stevens Henslow (1862)]


1. Darlington Place | Bath

May 28th. 1862

My dear Darwin,

It was a great pleasure to get your letter yesterday, & to have your testimony in favour of my memoir of our departed friend.— You are thoroughly qualified to judge of its faithfulness as a correct portrait, as well as of any value it may possess in a scientific & literary point of view,—from your intimate acquaintance with Henslow, & with the subjects to which he devoted so much of his attention.— I had previously received letters from Berkeley & others equally satisfactory in respect of their judgment,—so I am inclined to hope the book will not be altogether a failure, as I was afraid it might turn out.— Some might wish for a longer biography,—but there scarce materials for it,—were it desirable.

I may take this opportunity of stating that I made many inquiries after Hope in Bath some time back, from what you stated in a former letter,—but I could hear nothing of him. None of the letter carriers at the Post Office knew any one of that name in the town, at least a clergyman.— I think it must have been a mistake of yours—supposing he was here. I know him very well, & should have been glad to see him: I think also he would have found me out, had he been in the place.—

I am sorry to hear you are still in indifferent health.— I thank you for your inquiries after myself, & am thankful to report myself quite well at this present time,—though not quite so strong as formerly, nor equal to taking the same long Nat. Hist. rambles, in which I delighted.—

With best wishes, believe me, | My dear Darwin, | Very Sincerely Yours | L. Jenyns.

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    See letter to Leonard Jenyns, 24 May [1862]. Jenyns refers to his memoir of John Stevens Henslow (Jenyns 1862).
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    Henslow was professor of botany at Cambridge University from 1827 to 1861; CD was a member of Christ's College, Cambridge, from 1827 to 1831 and studied under Henslow. The two formed a close association that was maintained until Henslow's death in May 1861 (see Correspondence vol. 9 and Appendix X; see also Barlow ed. 1967).
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    The botanist Miles Joseph Berkeley, who had known Henslow in his early days at Cambridge and before, also contributed recollections to Jenyns's memoir of Henslow (Jenyns 1862, pp. 55--7).
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    CD mistakenly believed that the entomologist Frederick William Hope had moved to Bath (see letter to Leonard Jenyns, 24 January [1862]). Hope died in London on 15 April 1862 (DNB).
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    See letter to Leonard Jenyns, 24 January [1862].
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