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Letter 3554

Bentham, George to Darwin, C. R.

15 May 1862

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    Thanks CD for his book [Orchids]. CD has opened a new field for observation and a new unexpected track to explore phenomena that had before appeared "irreconcilable with ordinary opinion and method shown in the organic world".


25. Wilton Place, S.W.

May 15 1862

My dear Sir

Many thanks for the copy of your most valuable book which I received last night   I have only had time as yet to go through the first two chapters but they are quite enough to show what a new field for observing the wonderful provisions of Nature you have opened—as the notice you gave of a portion of it at a recent Linnean meeting put us on a new and unexpected track to guide us in the explanation of phenomena which had before that appeared so irreconcileable with the ordinary prevision and method shown in the organised world. I can only hope you will continue to give the world the benefit of your invaluable observations.

I sincerely trust your health did not suffer after your evening at the Linnean Society and that we may again occasionally have the great advantage of seeing you there

Ever yours most sincerely | George Bentham

C. Darwin Esq

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    Bentham's name is on CD's presentation list for Orchids (see Correspondence vol. 10, Appendix IV). George Bentham helped CD to acquire specimens of Orchis pyramidalis (see Correspondence vol. 9, letters to George Bentham, 17 June [1861] and 22 June [1861]).
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    CD read his paper, `Three sexual forms of Catasetum tridentatum', before the Linnean Society of London on 3 April 1862.
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