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Letter 3435

Holland, Henry to Darwin, C. R.

[1 or 8 Feb 1862]

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    Suggests a change in the postscript [referred to in 3423].


2 Brook Street


My dear Sir,

Thank you cordially for your letter. While thus kindly acquiescing in what I have written, I fancy I see that you are not quite satisfied with my mode of using the word path This then I will change, & in some such fashion as follows

``This must be considered a new path of research in the great field of Life; & one which, steadily pursued by exact & patient observation, cannot fail of conducting to many important results. It is certain that some future revision & reform will be required, of all existing catalogues of species & genera.— How far this may carry us is yet doubtful,'' &c

I write, as you will see, in great haste to secure the post, & put down the above lines as suggested to me while writing them. But something like these words I shall take instead of the other sentences of which I before sent you.

Ever yours affectly | H Holland

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    f1 3435.f1
    The possible dates are conjectured by the relationship to the letter from Henry Holland, 30 January [1862] (see also n. 2, below).
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    f2 3435.f2
    CD's letter in response to the letter from Henry Holland, 30 January [1862], has not been found. Holland had asked CD to comment on a postscript he had written to one of the essays that he was preparing to republish as a collection (Holland 1862), since it contained a discussion of CD's work.
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    f3 3435.f3
    Holland refers to the enclosure sent with the letter from Henry Holland, 30 January [1862]; the enclosure has not been found, but the published note has been reproduced with that letter.
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