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Letter 3406

Jenyns, Leonard to Darwin, C. R.

22 Jan [1862]

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    Sends proof-sheets of CD's contribution to LJ's Memoir of Henslow.


Darlington Place | Bath

Jan. 22. 1861.

My dear Darwin,

With this I send the proof-sheet containing the notice you were kind enough to contribute to my memoir of Henslow. You expressed a wish to see it.— I have not sent your MS, as I myself have compared it with that, & found it correct;—but if you wish to make any alteration or addition you can now do so.— Perhaps you will be good enough to return the sheet the same day you receive it, if possible,—either to myself or the printers;—to myself if much altered,—but otherwise to the printers direct, whose address I have given on the other side.—

Very sincerely your's | L. Jenyns.

P.S. Your contribution begins at p. 51.—

``Messrs Woodfall & Kinder

Angel Court

Skinner Street

London''. E.C.

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    The year is established by the reference to Jenyns 1862 (see n. 2, below). Jenyns wrote `1861' in error.
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    John Stevens Henslow died on 16 May 1861. Jenyns's memoir of his brother-in-law was published in May 1862 (Publishers' Circular 25: 223). CD's contribution appears in Jenyns 1862, pp. 51--5 (see also Collected papers 2: 72--4 and Correspondence vol. 9, Appendix X).
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    CD had added a note to his manuscript asking to see a proof of the piece (see Correspondence vol. 9, letter from Leonard Jenyns, 31 December 1861).
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