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Letter 339

Darwin, C. R. to Herbert, J. M.

[1 Jan 1837]

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    Enjoyed the merry evening with JMH.


Sunday night.

My dear old Herbert.

As I have not seen you to wish you good bye in propriâ persona, I must do it, on paper for I suppose you will not be in Cambridge at the latter end of the week when I return; I do not know when I have spent a merrier evening than yesterdays— It was like the old time sitting by you & hearing prodigies— I shall not in a hurry forget your awful appearance as you lay on the sofa with a great snow ball in the place of your head.— Jem certainly victimized you in capital style.— I suppose we shall have the Gentleman in the Plaid Coat, hawking “this is the head of that well know character fellow of St Johns &c & c” I certainly will put my name down for a proof before letters if there are such things— I was wishing so much that we had agreed to take a walk.— I went into Kings & heard Sauls dead March.— What a glorious sight the whole is— I never formerly knew how properly to admire it—

Adios, you best of good old Fellows. Chas Darwin.
3. Fitzwilliam St

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    f1 339.f1
    On 4 January 1837, CD read his paper on ‘Observations of proofs of recent elevation on the coast of Chili’ to the Geological Society of London (Collected papers 1: 41–3).
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    f2 339.f2
    James Richard Holden.
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    f3 339.f3
    Herbert had been elected Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge in 1832 (Alum. Cantab.).
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    f4 339.f4
    Proofs made from the plates of an engraving before the ordinary printing.
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    f5 339.f5
    Now 22 Fitzwilliam Street, Cambridge, where CD lived until March 1837.
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