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Letter 3381

Bates, H. W. to Darwin, C. R.

11 Jan 1862

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    Grieved to hear of CD's illness; begs him not to give moment's thought to his MS until health has returned.

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    Plans to exhibit mimetic butterflies at Linnean Society.


King St Leicester

11 Jany 1862

My Dear Sir

It grieves me very much to hear of your illness. I beg of you to throw my M.S. aside & not give a moment's thought to the subject until you are perfectly restored.

I go to town on Monday to spend a few days—to study at the B.M. and also to attend the Linn. Soc. meeting, where I shall exhibit the box of mimetic butterflies. I have arranged these in such a manner that any Naturalist may understand them

Yours sincerely | H W Bates

If you should wish to say anything whilst I am in town—a note will find me addressed to

John O'Groats hotel

Rupert Street


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    No letter containing this information has been found. Emma Darwin recorded in her diary (DAR 242) on 4 January 1862 that CD was `ill with influ[enza]'.
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    The reference is to the manuscript of the second chapter of Bates 1863 (see letter from H. W. Bates, 6 January 1862).
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    Bates's collection of mimetic butterflies from the Amazon was exhibited at a meeting of the Linnean Society of London on 16 January 1862 (Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society 6 (1862): lviii).
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