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Letter 3022

Huxley, T. H. to Darwin, C. R.

[before 14 Dec 1860]

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    Would be glad to have Chauncey Wright's [Origin] review for the Natural History Review.


P.S. I have just received your note & the inclosure from Asa Gray— How can you imagine there can be a doubt about the reply? Of course I shall be exceedingly glad to have it if it is good—   I wish to see articles both for & against, so as to have it clearly understood that the Review is a `Champ libre'—

Paying for it however is what I unfortunately do not see my way to at present— Until the circulation reaches 6 or 7 hundred we shall hardly be able to pay anything & even then I am afraid not much—   But get us the article if you can & if your friend is the most rabid advocate you ever had so long as he argues the question scientifically & is'n't abusive (beyond reason) I am quite sure Busk will agree with me on the propriety of inserting it

My desire to have an anti-Darwinian article—is not so much because I want to see you criticised & because I want all the world to understand that it is not a party journal.

I return A. Grays note. Will he write for us?

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    Dated by the relationship to the following letter. CD forwarded the postscript to Asa Gray.
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    See letter to T. H. Huxley, 11 December [1860].
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    Huxley was one of the editors of the new series of the Natural History Review.
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    George Busk, a close friend of Huxley's, was also one of the editors of the Natural History Review.
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