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Letter 2948

Darwin, C. R. to Trübner, J. N.

14 Oct [1860]

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    Orders a copy of September number of Silliman's Journal. A friend has recommended an article in it [A. Gray and D. Treadwell, "Discussion between two readers of Darwin's treatise on the origin of species", Am. J. Sci. 2d ser. 30 (1860): 226–39].


15 Marine Parade | Eastbourne

Oct. 14th

Dear Sir

A friend tells me that there is an Article, which I wish to have, in Sillimans N. American Journal of Science ``in the September number which will appear in October''.— What this means I do not know.—   Will you see whether you can get the Sept. or Oct. number in London; & if so send it here, as I much want it immediately; if not, please send it, when procured to Down, Bromley, Kent, whither I shall return in 13 days.—

Dear Sir | Yours very faithfully | C. Darwin

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    The recipient is inferred from CD's wish to acquire a copy of [Gray] 1860c. Tr¨ubner's London-based publishing firm specialised in American works and was used by Asa Gray to distribute his works in England (see letter to Charles Lyell, 26 [September 1860]).
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    The date is based on the reference to [Gray] 1860c.
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    [Gray] 1860c. Although Asa Gray had sent CD a copy (letter to Asa Gray, 26 September [1860]), CD had sent it on to Lyell to read and had not yet had it back; it may have been lost in the post on its return to Down (see letter to Charles Lyell, 5 [October 1860]).
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    The family's return to Down was delayed until 10 November 1860 owing to Henrietta Emma Darwin's illness (`Journal'; Appendix II).
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