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Letter 2946A

Darwin, C. R. to Oliver, Daniel

12 [Oct 1860]

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    Wants to amend request [see 2946] if DO wants to try carbonate of ammonia experiment. Put third drop on midrib of leaf [of Dionaea] or inside upper side.

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    Sorry DO already has Origin. Would he like Journal of Travels [Journal of researches]?


15. M. P. | Eastbourne


My dear Sir

One line to amend my request, if you try the C. of Ammonia experiment.— please drop the third drop on midrib of leaf on inside or upper side of leaf.—

Yours | C. Darwin

I am sorry that you have my Origin; I hope you won't think me bothersome, but would you like to have my Journal of Researches or Travels? I shd. like to send them to you.—

If Dionæa is allied in its moving apparatus & whole structure to Drosera, as I suspect from what little I have yet seen; then the absorbing surface, wherever that may lie, would be shown by C. of Ammonia causing contraction; & that is why I want you to try, middle parts of lateral disc & midrib & sensitive Hairs (& marginal Hairs?)

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    f1 2946a.f1
    See preceding letter, n. 1.
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    f2 2946a.f2
    See letter to Daniel Oliver, 5 October [1860] and n. 6.
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    f3 2946a.f3
    The letter is tipped into a presentation copy of Journal of researches (1860).
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