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Letter 2929

Darwin, C. R. to Oliver, Daniel

[10 Oct 1860]

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    Delighted to try experiments on Drosera spathulata.


[HAND]15 Marine Parade | Eastbourne | per Brighton Railway


My dear Sir

The morning post goes out immediately—   one line to give my address for Plants    Shall be delighted to try one or two experiments on D. spathulata—   Plant cd come with Dionæa.— Will write again more leisurely.—

Ever yours | C. Darwin

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    The Wednesday before the letter to Daniel Oliver, 12 [October 1860], was written.
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    CD had asked Oliver to send him a living specimen of Dionaea (see letter to Daniel Oliver, [29 September 1860]). He inquired about the Australian species of Drosera in the letters to Daniel Oliver, 11 September [1860] and [22--3 September 1860].
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