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Letter 2924

Darwin, C. R. to Oliver, Daniel

[22–3 Sept 1860]

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    Sends address.


15 Marine Parade | Eastbourne

My dear Sir

This is my address.—   I will write soon— I am grateful for your last note.—

I am dying to hear about pure gum

[Yours] | C. Darwin.

P.S. | Will you be so kind as to dry a little of your Gum used on Drosera & burn it; perhaps you would detect smell of animal matter if any gelatine or glue used or size used.—

Any corrosive Sublimate??

Could you send me, when you write, one leaf (& name) of Australian Drosera, that I may see it out of idle curiosity.—

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    f1 2924.f1
    Dated by CD's reference to having arrived in Eastbourne. CD and the children left Down on 22 September (`Journal'; Appendix II). The letter was written prior to receiving Oliver's reply (see letter from Daniel Oliver, 25 September 1860).
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    f2 2924.f2
    See preceding letter and letter from Daniel Oliver, 19 September 1860.
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    f3 2924.f3
    The postscript is on a separate slip of paper. The contents indicate that it belongs to this letter.
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    f4 2924.f4
    Size: `an agglutinant consisting of undried glue' (EB).
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    f5 2924.f5
    This sentence was added in pencil.
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    f6 2924.f6
    See letter to Daniel Oliver, 11 September [1860]. There is a note headed `Drosera spathulata Australia from Kew' that is dated `Sept. 28th—/60/' in DAR 54: 5.
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