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Letter 2912

Darwin, C. R. to Innes, J. B.

11 Sept [1860]

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    Going to sea-side for Etty's health.

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    Asks JBI further questions about a striped donkey he had reported to CD.


Down Bromley Kent

Sept. 11th

Dear Innes.

I am very sorry to say that I fear we shall not see you when you come to Keston, for we have almost made up our minds to be off next week to sea-side for a month to see what the change will do for Etty,—though I have not much hope.

Your account of the Donkey has interested me much & would you be so kind as to have another look at it & observe whether its eyes are pink; but as you say it is rather cream-coloured than white, it probably is not an albino.—   Did the owner rear it; if so please ask him whether it was born of same colour & had then no stripes.— Anytime will do for an answer.—

I am sorry to hear about your house difficulties.

Dear Innes | Ever yours very truly | C. Darwin.

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    Keston is a village about three miles from Down.
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    See letter to John Innes, 6 September [1860]. Innes's information about donkeys is not cited by CD in Variation.
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    See letters to John Innes, 18 July [1860] and 6 September [1860].
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