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Letter 2822A

Darwin, C. R. to Rolleston, George

6 June [1860]

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    CD's plans are uncertain because of his daughter's [Henrietta Darwin] fever.

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    If GR would kindly reserve rooms for CD near college, CD will write before the meeting [of British Association at Oxford] if he is prevented from coming.


Down Bromley Kent

June 6th

Dear Sir

I thank you sincerely for your very kind note & offer of assistance. My plans may be unfortunately altered, for my daughter has a low fever, & unless every shade of anxiety is removed by her almost entire recovery, I should not like to leave home.—

If it would not be selfish, I think the plan which would cause least trouble would be for you, if not asking too great a favour, to reserve me rooms in a near college; & then if I am prevented coming I will promise to write 2 or 3 days before the meeting, so that the rooms would be at your disposal for some one else.—

Believe me with many thanks for all your kindness & most obliging invitation | Dear Sir | Yours truly obliged | <C. Darwin>

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    Dated by the relationship to the letter to George Rolleston, 1 June [1860].
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    Rolleston's letter has not been found. CD had written to inquire about lodgings in Oxford during the forthcoming British Association meeting (letter to George Rolleston, 1 June [1860]).
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    f3 2822a.f3
    CD was unable to attend the meeting. See letter to Charles Lyell, 25 [June 1860].
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    The signature has been excised from the letter.
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