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Letter 2678

Darwin, C. R. to Kippist, Richard

1 Feb [1860]

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    CD is sending some books by carrier. Requests that he be given the 1st and also the 10th editions of Vestiges of creation [1844, 1853], and also the 2d edition of Baden Powell's Unity of worlds [1856]. "No other editions will be of any service." [See Origin (1861), "Historical sketch".]


Down Bromley Kent

Wednesday Feb: 1st

Dear Sir

The Carrier shall call tomorrow (Thursday) morning & bring some Books & I shd be much obliged if you would give him (if you have) the 1st. &—likewise the 10th. Editions of the Vestiges of Creation    Also the 2d Edit of Baden Powell's Unity of Worlds.

No other Editions will be of any service.—

Yours faithfully | C. Darwin

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    CD had an arrangement with the Linnean Society of London enabling him to borrow books from the society's library (see Correspondence vol. 5, letter from J. D. Hooker, [before 7 March 1855]). Kippist was the librarian of the society.
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    The year is given by the preparation of the historical preface for Origin (see n. 6, below).
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    George Snow operated a parcels carrier service between London and Down.
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    [Chambers] 1844 and 1853. CD owned a copy of the sixth edition of this work (1847). It is in the Darwin Library--CUL.
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    The second edition of Baden Powell's Essays on the spirit of the inductive philosophy (Powell 1856) was much enlarged. See CD's two letters to Baden Powell, 18 January [1860].
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    CD cited these works in the historical sketch added to the revised and augmented American edition of Origin and included in all subsequent editions.
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