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Letter 2657

Darwin, C. R. to Cresy, Edward, Jr

20 Jan [1860]

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    Thanks EC for help in finding French translator [for Origin].


Down, Bromley, Kent

Jan: 20th.

My dear Sir

You have been extraordinarily kind in taking so much trouble for me. Your account this morning has been so satisfactory, that I have written to M. Talandier to agree to his proposal. It is an immense advantage to any scientific work and subject to be translated into French, as it can then be read in any country. I am a very poor French scholar, though I read it with fluency, and it would no doubt be an immense advantage if you were to read over the proofs; but then I know how hard you are worked, and I have scruples about accepting your extremely kind offer. Indeed it is too much; but perhaps you would not object to look at any passage which seemed to me doubtful.—

With my hearty thanks to you and Mrs. Cresy | Believe me, Yours very sincerely | Charles Darwin

I am very much pleased at what you say about my Book in your first note.— You have praised exactly what pleases me most to be praised.

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    See letter to Edward Cresy, 15 January [1860].
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    CD's letter to Pierre Th´eodore Alfred Talandier has not been found. The name `Talandier' was added to the copy of the letter in pencil.
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