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Letter 258

Darwin, C. R. to Henslow, J. S.

4 Oct 1834

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    CD is unwell.

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    FitzRoy has dispatched two casks of bones and stones, a box with "very valuable specimens", and a large jar.



October 4th. 18341

My dear Henslow

I have been unwell & am not yet out of bed. I write to tell you that Capt. FitzRoy sent, a week ago, by H.M.S. Samarang through Portsmouth.—2 Casks, containing bones & stones & a box with 6 small bottles, with very valuable specimens.— Besides these 2 Casks there is a large Jar.—

I will write soon again when I am well. Dear Henslow | Yours affectionately | Chas. Darwin *S 2


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    f1 258.f1
    This was written before CD completed the letter begun on 24 July (letter to J. S. Henslow, 24 July -- 7 November 1834).
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