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Letter 2560

Darwin, C. R. to Lyell, Charles

29 [Nov 1859]

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    Encloses letter from Adam Sedgwick [2548].

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    Mentions conversion of A. C. Ramsay.




My dear Lyell.—

I send Sedgwick's letter: it is terribly muddled & really the first page seems almost childish.— I am sadly overworked—so will not write to you— I have worked in a number of your invaluable corrections—indeed all as far as time permits.

I infer from letter from Huxley that Ramsay is a convert & I am extremely glad to get pure geologists, as they will be very few. Many thanks for your very pleasant note. What pleasure you have given me. I believe I shd have been miserable had it not been for you & a few others—for I hear of threatening of attacks, which I dare say will be severe enough.— But I am sure I can now bear them.

Yours gratefully C. D.

About rattle-snake I meant to have added, suppose the bead at end of tail of Trigonocephalus not to be moulted at each exuviation & to grow bigger with each new skin.—

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    f1 2560.f1
    Letter from Adam Sedgwick, 24 November 1859.
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    The letter from Thomas Henry Huxley has not been found, but see letter to T. H. Huxley,27 November [1859].
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    f3 2560.f3
    See letter to Charles Lyell, 24 [November 1859].
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