Letter 2472

Darwin, Francis & Darwin, Leonard & Darwin, Horace to Entomologist’s Weekly Intelligencer

[before 25 June 1859]


Report on three rare beetles they have recently taken in Down parish.



Coleoptera at Down.— We three very young collectors have lately taken, inthe parish of Down, six miles from Bromley, Kent, the following beetles, whichwe believe to be rare, namely, Licinus silphoides, Panagus 4-pustulatusand Clytus mysticus. As this parish is only fifteen miles from London, wehave thought that you might think it worth while to insert this little noticein the `Intelligencer.’—f3

Francis, Leonard & Horace Darwin.

Entomologist’s Weekly Intelligencer 6 (1859): 99



Although the published letter was signed `Francis, Leonard & HoraceDarwin’, CD composed and sent it (LL 2: 140). See also letter to W. D. Fox,13 November [1858], and n.3.
The date is established by the publication of the letter in Entomologist’sWeekly Intelligencer, 25 June 1859.
Henry Tibbats Stainton was the editor.
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