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Letter 2459

Darwin, C. R. to Murray, John (b)

6 May [1859]

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    CD is convinced that the suggestions [for the Origin?] of both Lyell and Whitwell Elwyn are impracticable.

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    Will send first six chapters of MS next week. Has taken such pains with it that he hopes corrections will not be heavy.



Friday May 6th

My dear Sir

As I have thought you perhaps might like to forward the enclosed note to Mr Elwyn I have written it separately.

It is my deliberate conviction that both Lyells & Mr Elwyns suggestions, (which differ to a certain extent) are impracticable. I have done my best. Others might, I have no doubt, done the job better, if they had my materials; but that is no help.— Nothing on earth can have been kinder than both Mr Elwyn & Sir C. Lyell have been.—

I will send in middle or latter part of next week, the six first chapters; & now the succeeding chapters have been copied, & I can send exact number of words, or the M.S. itself if you like, of the whole, with the one exception of the last & very short chapter, not yet written. If I do not hear from you I will send the six first chapters & the number of words in the succeeding chapters. If I do hear (it must be soon) that you would like to see the whole M.S. my servant, who will bring the M.S, shall wait 2 or 3 hours & then call & bring home to the latter chapters, which I have just to run my eye once over again.

I have taken such pains with M.S. that I hope corrections will not be heavy in expence or time. I am sorry to have troubled you with such long notes; but I trust I shall give no more trouble. Forgive me for adding that if my Book does prove a failure, you will not find me of an avaricious nature.—

My dear Sir | With many thanks for your own kind note | Believe me, Yours very sincerely | C. Darwin

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    f1 2459.f1
    CD's letter to Whitwell Elwin has not been found. It was a reply to the letter from Whitwell Elwin to John Murray, 3 May 1859.
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    f2 2459.f2
    CD refers to chapter 14 of Origin, the ‘Recapitulation and conclusion’.
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